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Frequently asked questions

How can I submit an event?

Start by logging in with a CORP or eID account, and fill in the form requested to submit your event. Once the event has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and approved in no time if the correct requirements are met. The EventsInGozo team reserves the right to modify the event submitted to ensure uniformity is adhered to.

Why when I submit an event, it is not visible on the website?

Once the event has been submitted, it first have to be reviewed by our team and approved if the correct requirements are met. You will be notified when the event is approved.

How can I import events in my website?

Events listed on can be integrated into a third-party website using an API interface or through a WordPress plugin. To request this extension, please click on this link. Upon approval of your application, authentication access will be granted along with relevant documentation to assist you in seamlessly importing events onto your website.

Why do I need authentication credentials to import events?

Proper authentication is required for data access, as it is a fundamental aspect of API security. Authentication ensures protection against unauthorized access, maintains data integrity, and enables accountability and control over API usage. It plays a crucial role in upholding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data and services exposed through APIs.

Using the WordPress plugin, how can I display events on my website?

Events can be showcased on your website using a shortcode. You can insert these shortcodes into a page, post, or widget to display the events. Upon plugin installation, you can configure these shortcodes within a section labeled Instructions.

What display options are available for showcasing events?

Currently, there are three display options for presenting events on your website: minimal list view, grid view, and carousel view. You can switch between these types of views in your website or even include more than one type in different sections of your website.

Using the plugin, how do I filter specific events on my website?

Within the shortcode utilized for displaying events, you have the ability to selectively choose categories and/or tags. These attributes, along with others, determine the content displayed on your website.

How can I import events if my website is not WordPress?

Events can be integrated into websites that are not based on WordPress using REST API technology. This involves utilizing a designated API endpoint to fetch events and another endpoint to outline available functionalities. Upon acceptance of your application, you’ll receive these details along with authentication credentials. Implementation of these requests via API requires a technical developer, but we’re ready to offer assistance and support if needed.

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